Isolated Traumatic Brachialis Muscle Tear: A Case Report and Review of Literature

Pankaj Sharma, Nishank Mehta, Amit Narayan


Isolated traumatic brachialis muscle tears are uncommonly reported – leading to occasional misdiagnosis and misdirected treatment. The rarity of brachialis muscle tear may promote misdiagnosis or mistreatment of this injury. We report an isolated brachialis muscle tear in a young female, possibly caused by strenuous exercise in the gymnasium. The diagnosis was made clinically and confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging. The patient was subsequently managed adequately with conservative treatment. We herein present a 35-year-old woman who was diagnosed with an acute brachialis muscle tear being diagnosed with a combination of clinical signs and imaging and successfully managed non-operatively. A chronologically arranged review of literature is also presented.


Brachialis, Muscle tear, Trauma

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