Endovascular Management of a Penetrating Zone III Retroperitoneal Gunshot Wound Injury; A Case Report

Saptarshi Biswas, Boris Hristov


Traumatic iliac vessels injuries secondary to gunshot wound can often be fatal at the scene. One of the intriguing complications of vascular injuries is arteriovenous fistula. If the patient survives, these lesions may often not be diagnosed on first evaluation and patients may present with clinical signs and symptoms years later. Open surgical repair can have prohibitive morbidity and mortality and endovascular techniques, an effective treatment alternative, can interrupt the abnormal vascular communication and preserve artery vein patency. We describe a unique case of iliac arteriovenous fistula (AVF), secondary to a bullet injury, identified by imaging studies and subsequently treated with endovascular surgery. In conclusion, traumatic AVF are rare. Traditional teaching mandates that zone III pelvic retroperitoneal hematomas secondary to penetrating trauma be explored.  


Endovascular; Penetrating Injury; Retroperitoneal; Gunshot injury

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