Conservative Management of Postpartum HELLP Syndrome and Intraparenchymal Liver Hematoma; A Case Report

Manouchehr Ghorbanpour, Hamid Reza Makarchian, Babak Yousefi, Mehrdad Taghipour


The HELLP syndrome is an important variant of pre-eclampsia which is known by triad of hemolysis (H), elevated liver enzymes (EL) and low platelet count (LP). Intraparenchymal liver hematoma is a rare and important complication of HELLP syndrome which is a life threatening condition. The incidence of intraparenchymal hematoma of the liver has been reported to vary from 1 in each 40,000 to 250,000 deliveries worldwide. Herein we report a case of intraparenchymal liver hematoma following HELLP syndrome. An 18 year- old woman with moderate to severe preeclampsia after delivery, presented with Right upper quadrant (RUQ) pain and tachycardia and significant drop in hemoglobin level. Ultrasonography revealed intraparenchymal liver hematoma. This finding was also confirmed by computerized tomography (CT)-scan. Conservative treatment was applied and the patient improved without need of any surgical intervention. Spontaneous hepatic hematoma should always be considered as a life threatening and important complication of HELLP syndrome during pregnancy and it can be managed conservatively in a hemodynamically stable patient.


Hematoma; HELLP syndrome; Liver; Postpartum

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