A Late-onset Psoas Abscess Formation Associated with Previous Appendectomy: A Case Report

Sam Moslemi, Maryam Tahamtan, Seyed Vahid Hosseini


Psoas abscesses could originate from an adjacent source of infection in the abdominopelvic cavity known as a secondary complication of acute appendicitis. However, it is considered as a very rare event when occurring late after the presentation of appendicitis. Whether it is the source or complication of acute appendicitis following appendectomy remains unclear. A 25-year-old man was admitted to our center with fever and abdominal pain. His past medical history was unremarkable except for having an acute appendicitis and complicated appendectomy 4 years before presenting illness. On admission, the patient was febrile with right lower quadrant abdominal tenderness and moderate leukocytosis. The Abdominopelvic CT- scan revealed a large right psoas muscle than the opposite site, that contained a hypodense mass measuring 6 cm in diameter with extension into right iliacus and internal oblique muscles..The patient underwent subsequent percutaneous abscess drainage under image guide and concurrent broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy.


Late-onset psoas abscess formation; Complicated acute appendicitis; Appendectomy

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